Soccer Camp 

Do you love soccer? Learn the basics and increase your soccer skills by coming to soccer camp!

Phil Hubbard, who has played on championship teams and coached private school teams, will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and instruction to help the individual and team improvement.

In the late 1980s, he played soccer at Dublin Christian Academy and Fellowship Christian Academy in Methuen MA. He received the Most Improved Player Award and Strong Finisher Award when he attended Northland Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin during the early 1990s.

Upon returning to Massachusetts, he became the assistant coach at Fellowship Christian Academy in 1994. He has coached a number of teams, led camps, became club president and more, until 2017 when he became the head varsity boy's soccer coach at Temple Academy in Maine. 

This year's soccer camp is sure to be jam-packed with lots of fun, competition, new friends, memories, and more! 
Sample Schedule
  ​​​​​​Monday Schedule 
1 vs. 1 Instruction

8:00-8:15           Stretches and Introduction
8:15-8:30           Plyometric
8:30-8:40           Explain Skills Test
8:40-9:40           Skills Test
9:40-9:50           Share with Campers (plans for the day)
9:50-10:15        Dribbling & Faking Drills (1 vs. 1 Principle)
10:15-10:35     1 vs. 1 (defending cones - scrimmage)
10:35                  Form Countries (Breakout into Countries)
10:35-11:00     War (3 lines)
11:00                  World Cup 
Tuesday Schedule  

8:00-8:15            Stretches & Introductions
8:15-8:40            Plyometric
8:40-9:00            Passing & Receiving (technique)
9:00-9:20            Square Box Pass (4 people persquare)
9:20-9:30            Square Box Moving (passing with only 3 in box)
9:30-10:00         3 Zone (knock cone down)
10:00-10:15       Freeze Pop Break
10:15-10:30      3 Zone (knock the cone down)
10:30-11:45      World Cup & Skills Challenge
11:45-12:00      Clean Up & Camper Departure