1. Dining Room
    Dining Room
    The DCA Dining Room is used daily for lunch for all students and dinner for the dorm students. Many other activities and banquets take place in this room. The dining room is located in the main building of campus.
  2. Alumni Field
    Alumni Field
    Alumni Field was made possible by the sacrifice and hard work of the DCA graduates.Since 2005 the Dublin Stags have been roaming there. The beautiful setting makes it a wonderful venue for soccer games and student activities throughout the year. A highlight each soccer season is the alumni homecoming soccer game on Columbus Day weekend. It serves as a wonderful setting to glorify God through athletics.
  3. Common Grounds
    Common Grounds
    Common Grounds offers a place for the students to fellowship, play games, and have an after-school snack! The recently renovated facility offers an area for supervised games and activities. Various kid-friendly snacks and drinks are available for purchase. Parents and visitors are always welcome to come visit and challenge our students on the available Wii gaming system. HOURS Monday-Friday 3:00-3:30 pm
  4. Computer Lab
    Computer Lab
    A carefully maintained computer lab is connected to the library and is equipped with 10 computer stations. Each station provides a 15" flat screen monitor and filtered internet access. Every computer is also equipped with Bible study software.
  1. Science Lab
    Science Lab
    The science lab offers students a hands-on experience that supplements and enhances their classroom instruction. From building model rockets or displaying their engineering skills in bridge design to exploring the world of microbiology or dissecting preserved specimens, students have many opportunities to put the scientific knowledge they are learning into practice in the DCA science lab.
  2. Dormitory
    Dormitory accommodations are available for both boys and girls. Caring and mature adult supervision is provided in the dormitories for all boarding students. In addition to student rooms, a lounge is provided in each dormitory. Laundry facilities are available for the students' use. These include coin washers and dryers, as well as ironing boards.
  3. Library
    The fully-staffed library is spacious and beautifully decorated. It contains approximately 5000 volumes and provides the students with a pleasant atmosphere for study and research. For special projects, our library also has access to community libraries and inter-library loans. LIBRARY HOURS Monday-Friday 10:00-3:30