Philosophy of Christian Education

Purpose of Christian Education

Priority of Christian Education

 We believe that God is the source of all truth. Therefore, to a large degree science, history, literature, political and social movements must be considered in the light of God's truth as revealed in the Bible. Man can rightly understand and adjust to life on earth only as he understands and adjusts to the Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Therefore, we believe that there is no separation between the secular and the sacred ... every bush is a burning bush and all ground is holy. To the Christian every task is sacred and every word and deed ought to be done to the glory of the Lord. Whether Bible class, science laboratory, language study, sports, or kitchen work, all should be done to the best of our ability and to His glory.
We believe that what our students are to be they are now becoming; that they must learn how to live as well as how to make a living; that hard work is honorable and should be the rule of life and not the rare exception.
Dublin Christian Academy is dedicated to the purpose of developing Christian leadership. We feel that the greatest need of our nation and world today is well-trained Christian leaders. We also feel that the greatest need of every Christian young person is to have the opportunity and advantages that a Christian education affords. 
Because of these convictions, it is the purpose of Dublin Christian Academy to provide the best in academic instruction with a strong Christian emphasis. Discipline, self-control, and individual responsibility are woven into every phase of the program. In addition, there are many opportunities for the development of individual talents and abilities.
Assisting parents in fulfilling the Biblical mandate to "bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord" is the reason for our existence. Education cannot be neutral; education must be based on God's truth and consistent with Biblical principles. Christian education should work in harmony with the home and church to produce the Christian leaders of tomorrow.